The best kind of beautiful


When I typed the word ‘beauty’ into google search images  some of the images that I was greeted with were a flawless looking woman without a wrinkle in  sight,  a woman with amazing bouncy shiny looking hair, a woman with perfect looking eyebrows (or you can say they were on fleek ) and so on.

Most of the images that I came across focused on outward beauty. Outward  beauty is something that many people strive to achieve each day because many people want to look their best and there is nothing wrong with that. However,  when we choose to focus and invest more on our outward beauty than we do on our inward beauty then the  true representation of  beauty can be lost along the way.

This is because beauty is more than having the perfect figure, a flawless face, perfect “on fleek” eyebrows or an amazing contoured face.

Beauty is much more than that, beauty transcends far and beyond our outward appearance.

You can’t rely on outward beauty to carry you through life.  Your outward beauty has to always be accompanied by your inner beauty.

You can be beautiful outwardly, but if you have a heart that’s filled with hatred towards others, a heart that never forgives,  an ungrateful heart, a heart that’s filled with Continue reading