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The best kind of beautiful


When I typed the word ‘beauty’ into google search images  some of the images that I was greeted with were a flawless looking woman without a wrinkle in  sight,  a woman with amazing bouncy shiny looking hair, a woman with perfect looking eyebrows (or you can say they were on fleek ) and so on.

Most of the images that I came across focused on outward beauty. Outward  beauty is something that many people strive to achieve each day because many people want to look their best and there is nothing wrong with that. However,  when we choose to focus and invest more on our outward beauty than we do on our inward beauty then the  true representation of  beauty can be lost along the way.

This is because beauty is more than having the perfect figure, a flawless face, perfect “on fleek” eyebrows or an amazing contoured face.

Beauty is much more than that, beauty transcends far and beyond our outward appearance.

You can’t rely on outward beauty to carry you through life.  Your outward beauty has to always be accompanied by your inner beauty.

You can be beautiful outwardly, but if you have a heart that’s filled with hatred towards others, a heart that never forgives,  an ungrateful heart, a heart that’s filled with Continue reading “The best kind of beautiful”

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A reason for the season

season for a reason

Seasons are great, they come at different times of the year, they are all unique in their own ways and they exist to manifest different purposes.  As a young child when asked what my favourite season was  I would straight away blurt out sun meaning that my favourite season was  summer. If you ask me the same question right now it would take me a while to answer the exact same question, this is because I have grown to learn that beauty can be found in every season. No matter how cold winter may seem or how messy your neighbourhood may become due to the autumn season, the truth is that beauty can be found in both winter, autumn as well as in spring and summer.

Being a self-proclaimed lover of snow (one of the beautiful things that winter offers) there’s no denying that the coldness of  the winter season makes me wish I could just skip winter  all together and jump to autumn, spring or summer instead.

Just like I wish I could  skip  or rush winter because of how cold it can become, as children of God we can try to speed Continue reading “A reason for the season”

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Make today beautiful


Just like my pink notebook says Make Today Beautiful!. I don’t know what you are currently going through or what may be potentially weighing you down. Maybe you have had a crappy week full of disappointments and failures or maybe you have had an amazing week, filled with lot’s of great things. So weather you have had a crappy week or an amazing week… one thing we all have in common is this: we have been given the gift of Today. Today we have the chance to see our loved ones, which some people haven’t had the chance to. Today we get to live life, which some haven’t had the chance to. So to the ones who have had a crappy week I’m sorry to hear that, don’t allow that to ruin your Today. Today has been given to you for a reason, so make it count. Make Today worth it. To the ones who have had an amazing week, that’s great hear. Today has been given to you for a reason , don’t allow the little things get to you and ruin this amazing week you have had. Make Today Beautiful. Make the kind of choices that will propel you to go forward in life. Try and be positive even when it seems as if negativity is the only thing that is surrounding you. Be great full Be Kind. So make Today Beautiful!. – Claris

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2016 #goals

from some place (1)So what are your goals for 2016? is there something in particular that you want to change, improve or achieve?. Since we are already in mid January I would like to think that you  already have your  new year’s resolutions.

There’s  a particular word that pops in my head every time I reminisce on 2015. The word really caught my eye every time I saw it on social media.

The word I’m referring to is goals… and before you start imagining a famous footballer scoring a goal I want to stop you right there.  I’m not referring to goals in football I’m referring to different kind of goals, social media #goals.

If you type in the word #goals in the Instagram tag search  you will get over  14  million photos tagged with the word #goals.

So what does the word #goals mean anyway?… it’s literally as it says on the tin. It’s something that someone want’s to be or their potential goal.  The word is usually used on it’s own or used with other words like relationship goals, hair goals, makeup goals, body goals, closet goals, boyfriend goals, house goals… and so on.

Here is an example of how it can be used below.

“Oh my gosh her hair is like totally perfect #hairgoals”.

“Her body is #goals”

I totally understand that the word goals can be used in a positive way, for example if someone wants to improve their fitness or gain some muscle and they see something that inspires them to do that, then they can use #goals. However some people use goals in a way that they wish they could be that someone that they label as #goals, or wish they could have whatever they have labelled as being their #goals.

Aspiring to have things that are #goals creates a shallow mindset especially through social media where we don’t even know some of the people we are aspiring to be our #goals, nor do we even know or  get to see how much work goes on behind certain pictures on social media, well unless we are God, and we certainly aren’t.

Maybe someone spent hours upon hours in order to get that perfect selfie that you claim to be your #selfiegoals, or maybe the person almost broke their back just to make sure they capture the perfect angle . I know I’m pushing it a bit but I hope you get my point here.

You don’t even know weather a certain girl starves herself or she is maybe battling an eating disorder, in all her pictures she appears happy but in reality it’s the total opposite, you then come along  and hash tag one of her pictures and claim it to be your #bodygoals.

Maybe you aspire to be that couple that seems so perfect on social media (your #relationshipgoals)  but you don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors. You don’t know weather they fight every single minute or maybe they are on the brick of splitting . I’m not trying  to paint a negative picture of relationships I’m simply saying stop making other people your goals.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with beautiful pictures. However, People try to paint an oh so perfect, glamorous image on social media but really  in reality it’s never the same. We  don’t know  how much work goes on behind the scenes, behind that spotless, flawless selfie. People don’t usually put hundred percent of their life on social media and we only get to see a potion of it minus all the challenges and problems.  Instead of hash tagging everything we see in life, in particular on social media, rather let’s focus more on Christ. On who He want’s us to become.

Make it your goal for 2016 to stop making other people your #goals. Stop wishing you could have what other people have. You do YOU. You don’t need someone else’s “perfect ” body, someone else’s face, someone else’s relationship, someone else’s hair, someone else’s lips, someone’s  else’s STUFF.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made and God has a great purpose for your life. God supplies our every need. He knows the deepest desires of our hearts,  For you to wish you had something someone else does, is a waste of all that God has specially picked out for YOU. It takes time. It takes patience. it takes commitment, but in order to have an amazing life, the first thing you need to do is to practice appreciating what you have, and learning to be content with it. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” You are one of a kind and nobody and nothing can change that.

Thank you for reading.



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Am I following the world’s latest trends?

Hello! Lovely, first of all I’m sorry for falling off the face of the earth  just like that. Thank you to whom ever visits and reads my blog and in case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t  updated my lil blog in quite a while.
Rest assured though because the writing bug ain’t going no where, not yet, not ever, as long as I’m still here (by His grace of course) this lil blog will still be around to serve it’s purpose.

I want to share with you something that God has placed on my heart for quite a while now. I  have noticed a growing trend  where people copy and imitate the actions of other people just so they could look or become like them, in particular people such as celebrities. Continue reading “Am I following the world’s latest trends?”