Hello… from the other side

Hello! first of all I’m so sorry for disappearing from the face of the earth.

Since  you have read those few words above written by me I’m glad to say I’m alive and well apart from trying to survive through these few months as I’m nearing the end of my nursing degree.

I have had to put my life on hold,  I know this sounds super duper dramatic but if you are a student in your final year of university and you have all kinds of exams thrown at you then you know where I’m coming from and therefore can probably relate.

By on hold I mean everything. Not just this little blog but my social life, meeting up with friends and even binge watching  Netflix.

I just thought it was important for me to sacrifice some stuff so I could wholly focus on my degree and unfortunately this little blog was one of them.  I will still continue to sacrifice  some things until I finish up my degree in August of this year, but I promise to blog on here when I get some free time… like just now as I’m doing.

Amongst all the university chaos and the reason behind this post in case you are wondering  is that I  managed to get my driving licence in April.

To some it may not be that big of a deal but to me it’s a very big big deal because me passing my drving test was more than just getting a pass certificate at the end of my driving test, getting a photocard licence declaring that I’m a fully qualified driver or freely being able to drive without the supervision of my driving instructor in the car. It was more than that. way way more.

Driving has been a spiritual growth kinda journey for me. Firstly,  driving is something that I have struggled with for the past two years, It has been the biggest thing yet in all of my life to challenge my patience. If you are like me and you lack patience then you know what if feels like when something that you really really desire and  want right here and now is delayed .

I had made up my mind of when I wanted to pass my driving test but it didn’t work out that way. It’s not that I wasn’t giving it my all or that I’m a horrible driver ( I’m pretty decent y’all)  It’s just that the timing wasn’t right. I had my own plans of when I wanted to pass and God had his own plans of when he wanted me to pass.

So when it came to the day when I wanted to pass my test, it didn’t go according to my plans and  I got very frustrated with myself and I wanted to quit, but since I had invested so much money, time and dedication into it I decided not to give up. .

Since things didn’t go according to my plan that day I decided to trust God, something that I should have done in the first place at the very beginning of my driving journey. Ok maybe I did trust God, but not 100% percent. 80% of my trust was invested in myself and in my own abilities and 20% percent was invested in God’s timing and His abilities.

You see I should have trusted God at the very beginning of my driving journay and  not when things didn’t go according to my plans. I grew frustrated because my timing didn’t work out . I compared myself to other people who were going through similar situations as me but they succeed and I almost gave up.

God wants us to trust Him completely 100%. it’s easier said than done but God wants us to trust in His abilities and  His timing and not our own.

I’m so glad that God taught me this lesson whilst learning how to drive. To trust Him 100% at the beginning of  whatever journey I’m about to embark on. To be patient even when It seems as if His promises are no where to be seen. To hold on to your Faith and to keep on keepin’ on no matter whatever life throws at you.

Keep trusting Him even when it seems as if His promises are far away.

Keep trusting Him even when it seems as if humanity is against you.

Keep trusting Him even when it seems as if science is against you.

Keep trusting Him even when it seems as if nature is against you.

Keep trusting Him even when it seems as if trusting Him is the only thing you can do… because it truly is the only thing you do when all else fails. Trust in God.

Thank you guys for reading this,

Not sure when I will post next. It could be in a few days time, next week or even in two weeks time, but definitely no later than August.


Claris X x 🙂






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