A little hiatus… now am back

0001-46540697.pngI have been praying for this little blog concerning the direction that God wants me to take. I truly believe that If we constantly keep God at the centre of whatever it is that we are doing, if we include him in every detail of our lives, then He will lead us and show us which path to take even when things are not going the way we expected them to. I never want to write for the sake of writing on this blog,  I want to write with a purpose in mind so that my writing will hopefully inspire someone out there to be the best version of themselves. To keep fighting this fight of faith.  To make this world a little more brighter whether it be  through the words they speak or through their interaction with others.

With that being said,  I decided to take a little unplanned hiatus to focus on my studies as I was approaching the end of my second year of university. I’m a full time nursing student  for those who don’t know me or are not familiar with this little blog of mine.

I thought it would be best to take a little break to concentrate on my final  placement of second year and to also prepare myself for third year of university. I also spent time expanding my reading and creating edits to go along with the posts that

I have been preparing for this little blog. I have been and I’m currently preparing series posts as well on certain topics that I want to explore on this blog but one blog post wouldn’t be enough alone to cover the topics since the topics are so broad.  So please stay tuned!. I’m learning so much about myself just by preparing these posts and I’m sure you will have something to take away from them too.

Since I have been reading a lot too, I’m thinking about sharing my thoughts about the books that I have currently been reading on here and I will do this very soon or when time permits.

I will be posting  devotions on here too. Yay!! I’m super excited to learn more about the word of God, to unpack the true wisdom that it holds and to share it with you, you may ask why am I doing this?,  well mainly  because it’s so so so important in our lives as Christians to meditate on the word of God, because the bible is not just like any other book out there so therefore we can’t just read it but we MUST meditate on it. Also the bible places a huge emphasis on this by highlighting that “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).

Devotions, which will be posted when I have some free time and when I don’t have so many assignment for university, will be short, sweet, full of wisdom, to the point and most of all inspired by the holy spirit and written by me just like everything else on this blog.  As well as that I will still be posting the usual monthly blog post and depending on how much work load I have at university, I may increase the monthly posts to twice a  month.

Thank you so much for reading this,

lots of love, Claris 🙂 X x



8 thoughts on “A little hiatus… now am back

  1. Claris, as a fellow college student, I feel you on needing a break. I’m excited to read new things from you, though! Don’t feel too much pressure to post all the time, God can work through you daily life as much as he can work through a keyboard. Let Him inspire you wherever and whenever! 🙂

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