This girl can… through Christ


I  managed to pass all my second year  exams at uni.

No let me rephrase that,

I  managed to pass all my second year exams at uni by the strength of Christ within me.

Now that’s much better.

How amazing does the second statement sound just by tweaking it slightly and adding in a few words… so much better right?.

The first statement is all about ME ME ME and ME, it credit’s my  own human strength, which  does not measure  up to Christ’s strength at all. Frankly, my strength alone isn’t enough to carry me through uni and help me pass my challenging nursing exams, let alone get me through this obstacle filled journey of faith.

The second statement point’s to Christ as the source of my success. It’s all about Him. The second statement even empowers me the more I read it because  It credit’s  Christ as the source of my strength and the reason behind me succeeding in my exams.

There was a time when I found a certain module challenging. I was worried, I found it absolutely difficult to even begin a particular essay that we were assigned to undertake within that particular module.

At first, as I read the essay guidelines I was so excited, being the positive person that I’m  my attitude was… “yep I got this essay in the bag, I will definitely get a great mark.” As I sat down to begin the essay a few weeks later I started to get worried. As I stared at my laptop, the  blank  white screen  seemed to mirror my blank mind. Even after reading endless journal articles on the essay topic and gathering a ton of essay information, I still  had no idea how to  start the essay. Not even a single word came to mind… nada! just a blank white screen staring right back at me. One of the  worst situations any student can experience. A blank white laptop screen staring right back at them when  it’s supposed to be filled with words, sentences and paragraphs.

I realised that the more I stared at the laptop screen the more blank my mind got. Maybe what I needed was to get away from the black white screen in the first place and realise the source of my strength. I was counting on my own strength all along, never at any point during my essay planning  did I call on Christ’s strength to guide me  through  my essay.

Not counting on Christ’s strength got me  completely nowhere… if  it did then it got me to a blank white screen which stared right back at me when what I wanted was a screen filled with words, sentences and paragraphs.

My essay started to form when  I prayed for Christ’s strength to guide me through my essay.

Situations and the weight of life in general can start to weigh us down.

Do you even realise that you don’t need to fight any kind of battle alone  that you maybe facing,  that the pain that you are feeling can be overcome, that the sadness that you maybe feeling can be turned into happiness or joy. All of the negative  things/ situations  I have just mention can be turned around through  Christ’s strength.

No matter what you may be going through please don’t forget that you can, and have the right to draw your strength  and can get through any situations in life through  Christ’s strength.

You don’t have to worry  or be scared when doing something through Christ’s strength because you will succeed, you may face difficulties but Christ’s strength will bring you through any difficult situation. Count on His strength to carry you through whaterver it is that you may be struggling with.

I truly believe that  we become worried or are scared in certain  situations because we start to count on our own strength to get us through that particular situation instead of Christ’s strength.

If you count on Christ’s strength to carry you through  any situation that you encounter in life, you  will be able to  use His strength to succeed. Our strength is nothing like Christ’s and it will never measure up to Christ’s, that’s  why we need His strength to help us through everything no matter how big or small.

whatever situation you are going through allow  Christ’s strength to guide you, weather you are about to write an  essay, a dissertation, find a job,  plan something or embark on a new journey…  Know that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens YOU.

Thank you so much for reading!.

-Claris X x  🙂



4 thoughts on “This girl can… through Christ

  1. Awesome post! I myself have been learning this lesson a lot lately… I can’t do anything without Him, and that’s the way it should be. Thank you for sharing! If you’re up for the challenge, please visit my blog at and let me know what you think! If you like what you read, click the “follow” button – I will continue to follow your blogging adventures as well!

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