Am I following the world’s latest trends?

Hello! Lovely, first of all I’m sorry for falling off the face of the earth  just like that. Thank you to whom ever visits and reads my blog and in case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t  updated my lil blog in quite a while.
Rest assured though because the writing bug ain’t going no where, not yet, not ever, as long as I’m still here (by His grace of course) this lil blog will still be around to serve it’s purpose.

I want to share with you something that God has placed on my heart for quite a while now. I  have noticed a growing trend  where people copy and imitate the actions of other people just so they could look or become like them, in particular people such as celebrities.  If a certain celebrity bleaches or does something then everyone else follows suit.


My dear sister in Christ, you don’t have to follow the world’s latest trends or do something just because someone else does it. The world’s trends don’t stick around for long, what might be popular just now may not be popular tomorrow or in two years time. The question is can you afford to keep changing who you are, your appearance, your personality, your circle of friends, the kind of music that you listen to, just so you can hopefully keep up with the worlds trends as they change.

Let your actions be Christ lead only, don’t allow this world to influence you even for a bit. Let Christ influence your actions so that He can mould you into the amazing woman that He wants you to become. We don’t know the motives behind people’s actions so why should we copy them.

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by someone, but we should be careful and only allow those people that we look up to, to inspire us in a positive way. if someone that you look up to does make a mistakes (which they will because no one is perfect) then you should learn from them so you don’t make the same mistake they made.

Always be your lovely self flaws and all. Accept your flaws, your scars they make you the person you are.  Sometimes we can pretend to be something that we are not in particular when we meet new people. We can try to be something that we are not so that we can hopefully gain their approval. I’m not saying this to hurt your feelings but out of all the people that you come across in life there will always be that 1% that won’t like you for who you are, not because it’s your fault or that you have something wrong with you.

When you do come across people that don’t like you for no reason I encourage you to continue being yourself, because that’s all you can be.  You are already approved and loved by Christ and you don’t need to gain anyone else’s approval or try to prove that you are worthy of their love . Just be you, because soon or later if the person that you are trying to impress by not being yourself  hangs around you long enough they will truly discover the true you.

Pretending to be something that we are not is a waste of our time, a waste of the person that God called us to be, a waste of our talents, our dreams and our purpose on this earth.

We may never get to discover our true purpose on this earth or live out the calling that the Lord  has placed upon our lives if all we do is imitate other people instead of Christ.

The bible tells us that we are to be the light in a dark world but how can we be the light if we are too busy trying to blend in with the rest of the world and not imitating Christ.

Instead of being concerned about imitating your life after other people or after a famous person, be more concerned about imitating your whole life and actions after Christ. Surrender every single area of your life to Him and allow Him to shape you into who He wants you to become.

Thank you for reading this!. Lots of love and speak to you soon! 🙂



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