Keep holding on

When we are going through hard times sometimes it’s easy to forget the plans that the Lord has for us.

We can get caught up in our problems whilst forgetting all the amazing things that the Lord has promised us.

Yes life is not easy but I can tell you this, God knows you more than you know yourself and He sees those tears when you cry out to him. Just beacause you are going through hard times doesn’t mean that the Lord has forgotten about you. He is with you always, keep trusting him and know that He is preparing you for the best. Even when it seems like the pain won’t go away remember that God is with you and that He will never forsake you.

He may not take way the pain straight away but He will definitely provide you with enough grace and empowermwnt to get through the pain.

His plans are greater than the plans your mum, your dad, your sister, your uncle, your brother can ever have for you. Most of all His plans are greater than the plans you will ever have for yourself.

Hold on to hope. Hold on to that little hope that you may still have inside of you. Hold on to it tightly and dont’t lose it, it will steer you in the right direction and help you to keep holding on.

Sometimes I have the worst days when things don’t go the way I want them to go but when I read a scripture that relates to what I’m going through it gives me hope and I think about how bigger the Lord is than my problems.

When we worry about anyththing we will end up automatically exaulting what we are worrying about above God’s plans for us. Whatever you may be going through you are not alone. Sometimes it helps to share what you are going through with someone else, someone close to you and that you can truly trust.

Most of all don’t allow your problems overshadow the Lord’s will for your life, even for a second. This is life, we live in a fallen world, so toubles will come but we need to be ready and be able to battle whatever obstacles we encounter by prayer and meditating on the word each day.

Regardless of whatever you may be going through presently and in the future, God will never change He remains the same, this also means that all the amazing plans that He has for your life won’t change either. Don’t look at how big your circumstances are but focus your gaze on how great God is. He is able.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself and throwing yourself pity parties because the Lord is preparing something amazing for you, yes just for you my dear.

//One more thing//

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Thankyou for reading and Stay Blessed.




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