You may have realised that I have been silent for awhile …my apologies. I assure you that I have a very good reason for not posting and the reason being (drum roll,  cue tears…I think I need a Kleenex moment)  I have been preparing my first ever post for an online Christian Magazine.

When I found out that I was guest posting on Tirzah Magazine (pronounced TEER zuh, I know I pronounced it wrong the first time too!) I had to take a little break to prepare for that post because I wanted it to be super inspiring.


For those of you who don’t know, Tirzah is an online Christian Magazine which encourages and inspires the hearts of young women. The word Tirzah is Hebrew meaning “she is my delight.”

This online Christian magazine is dedicated to exploring the adventures and lessons of twenty-something Christians; particularly faith and overcoming society’s expectations for young women.

Tirzah’s mission is to:

Empower a generation of Esthers for such a time as this.”

To all the amazing young Christian women out there Tirzah is simply a place where you can truly be yourself – that part you so often keep hidden behind fears, insecurities and stereotypes.

I love Tirzah and everything it stands for and I’m so honoured to write for them. I can’t wait for you to read the post that I wrote. The post will be published on Tirzah Magazine this week and I will also post it on here, so look out for it.

You can check out Tirzah Magazine Here

Hope you have a great week!x

–  Claris


Images via Tirzah Magazine



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