You are far from being a failure

There are times where I feel like an absolute failure. Honestly, I start so many things that I never finish, I make realistic goals for myself but I find that I’m unable to accomplish them.  I start blaming myself, only if I had done this  then this wouldn’t have happened. Only if I was more disciplined in this area of my life then I would never have to deal with this kind of problem ever again.

Everyday comes and I find myself battling the same sin over and over again. I can’t seem to escape it, no matter where I go it’s always with me.  I keep failing and because of this my thought process starts to imitate a failure.  Before I know it I start muttering failure to myself, and if I can’t overcome a particular sin then I’m definitely a  failure right?, Wrong. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

Due to my imperfections I could agree that I’m a failure, but I can’t and I never will you know why? because I’m not a failure.

How can I call myself a failure if the God that created me (who loves me unconditionally, who knows the very numbers of my hair, who loves me more than I love myself, who’s acquainted  with all my ways ) sees me far from being a failure. I have no right to call myself a failure if God doesn’t see me as a failure. Same to you too, you are far from being a failure so don’t ever label yourself a failure.

You may be feeling defeated by not being able to overcome a certain situation that you could be going through and after many attempts of trying to overcome it you may want to give up, but don’t.  Of course you may fail at first but that doesn’t make you a failure, failing is just another opportunity for you to try even harder so that you can overcome whatever you may be going through.

We shouldn’t be surrounding ourselves with people that make us feel like we are  failures. Those people don’t deserve to be anywhere near us, so the best thing and probably not the easiest thing to do is to cut them off. I  realise that these people could be very  close to us, but again the last time I checked our true friends and family  are supposed to make us feel like we can overcome anything no matter what. So if anyone deserves a place in your heart, or if they are your family or friend then they should act like it and they shouldn’t be making you feel as if you are an absolute failure.

Chin up, walk with confidence even though you may feel like you are crumbling inside, all will be well in due time. God has already made us successor’s through his word .  All we need to do is hold on to that word in the midst of turbulence and we will overcome whatever may come our way. Jesus Christ overcame on the cross of Calvary so nothing should stop us from overcoming.

There’s this awesome song called ‘overcomer’ by Mandisa. This song will not only make you want to dance or jump up and down and scream ‘overcomer’ at the top of your lungs ( that’s what it does to me anyway) but it will also encourage you to keep going in life and not to give up.The video of the song shows certain people who went through hard times and by hard times I mean  hard times. As the song goes on it shows their struggles and tears, but the best part about this song is that at the end of the video they actually show you how they overcame whatever they were going through.

P.s the song has over 6 million views on YouTube so you definitely want  to check it out.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13 


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