Having the confidence that comes from above (Godfidence)

tumblr_nl63tvcn6V1r57j3io1_1280Having the confidence that comes from above (Godfidence) says that I can’t but God can. Even though I may be the most amazing singer, photographer, teacher,  pianist  (I’m not this is just an example) but without God’s input I won’t be able to do these things at the best of my ability.

Putting our confidence in God sets us up for success. Lets take a look at some Godfidence patriarchs below.

David also known as King David  also known as the author of Psalms placed his confidence in God and not in himself or his own  abilities or… or his good looks. If David had placed his confidence in himself then he would have never been able to defeat the all gigantic philistine champion Goliath, only God was able to do that through David.

Moses who God called to lead the children of Israel from slavery into the promised land put His confidence in God. He must have otherwise he would have given up after all those years of trying  to lead them. Moses placed His confidence in God and intern God gave Him wisdom and knowledge to lead the children of Israel safely.

If the children of Israel had put their confidence in Moses, they would have never walked through the red sea, Only God was able to split the sea in half so that everyone could walk  through it.

If Daniel had placed his confidence in himself then he would have never escaped the lion’s den, only God was able to do that. God’s power shut the mouth of the lion to prevent Daniel from being feasted upon.

Without God, our abilities and talents are useless. We won’t have the knowledge to use these abilities or talents in a way that pleases God. Our success comes from Him and Him alone and therefore when we put our confidence in God  we are no longer counting on our own abilities anymore. We are no longer focusing on what we can or can’t do because God is in charge.

We will realise that through Him we can do anything and everything because He will give us the abilities that we never even had to begin with in order to succeed and accomplish what He wants us to accomplish in our lives.

We will realise that our success or the success that we have gained or going to gain is coming from Him. Therefore there’s no room for pride to come in, God gets all the glory. We don’t get the credit for our success but God does.

When you are facing trials remember that God has your back and that you don’t have to count on your abilities to succeed. Trust God, put your confidence in Him because His abilities never fail.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Photo from tumblr, original source unkown.

– Claris


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