New Beginnings

Happy New year!. I can’t believe we are already in our second week of 2015. Time does fly indeed.

I hope you had an amazing christmans like I did, even though most of it was  spent behind my  laptop screen trying to tweak bits and pieces of my essay which  I submitted a couple of days ago, phew! another weight off my shoulders.

If you didn’t have a great Christmas then I’m sincerely sorry to hear that, here is to hoping  that this post will cheer you up.

So if you are still wondering why in the world you are still reading this then there is something definitely meant for you here, so please stick around, keep reading, get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or parhaps some hot chocolate and relax you didn’t stumble on this blog by chance.

Now that you comfortable I shall begin, many of us make new year’s resolutions and yet many of us fail to accomplish them.
I’m the worst at this, at the beginning of the year I will make a huge list of the things that I need to accomplish on a huge piece of paper and stamp it on my bedroom wall only failling to even accomplish half of the list halfway through the year.

Every time I spot the list that I failed  to accomplish I’m  greeted with defeat. I spot my weaknesses and open a door for negativity. If only I had self-control, if only I was like this and that, I’m such a loser, I’m a failure, why does nothing seem to go my way.

I have realised that I can’t change my past. No one can change their past, no matter how much they try. We can only live in the now and make positive choices that will effect our future in a positive way.

If you failed to accomplish some of the things that you wanted to accomplish last year, worry not. Simply give yourself a pat on the back for all the other  things that you managed to accomplish.

Decide not to look back or dwell in the past. Think of it this way 2014 was a great year for you in terms of being able to witness it, you got to celebrate another year of your life and watch it unfold before your eyes, how amazing is that, many people didn’t even live long enough to hear a “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy New Year.”

Whatever your goals may be for this year you have what it takes to accomplish them. I’m speaking for myself as well as for you. You need to believe in yourself.

The dreams that you have in your heart were placed there for a reason. If you just dare to dream out loud while forgetting about  everything in the past then you are sure to live out your dreams and see them unfold before your eyes. This is not a quote or anything. God is leading me to write this right now and I know that it’s for someone out there.

I’m not sure if I believe in “New year New me”, but I do however believe in new beginnings. This is a new beginning for you, this is a new beginning for me, this is a new beginning for us. We get another shot at living this thing called life. A new year, a fresh start. Why can’t we just grab it and live it out.

This is your time and your chance to accomplish something that you will be proud of at the end of 2015. Whatever that may be… Go skydiving, take up a new hobby, buy dinner for someone, travel around the world, apply for a job, write a song or a book, chase your dreams, tidy your room often. Who cares how big or small it is, as long as it’s a step in the right direction.

Today you are on day 9 of 365 days, look back at the last 8 days have you done anything that you are proud of so far?…if not then you still have (by the grace of God) 356 days left to make 2015 count.

Hope you enjoyed reading this

Happy (late) New Year

– Claris xx

Photo by the amazing Beth Retro


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