I don’t know much about photography but nonetheless it has become my run-to- hobby in the last couple of months.

Taking photos comes with it some highs and  lows. I consider my highs when I take great photos and to me they may seem like perfect photos but a professional photographer may not agree with that, let’s not forget that I am an amateur!. My lows are when I take substandard photos and even though I hate my photo fails I have learned to appreciate that I will not always capture that “perfect” image which is just a reverie that only resonates in my brain but fails to reproduce itself, with that being said most photos do turn out surprisingly great.

I have grown to have an appreciation for my photo fails and I try not to get too annoyed when I capture a horrible picture because it allows me to take something new from my fail experiences and to understand what went wrong, why it went wrong and how I can improve on it next time.

By watching and reading more on photography I have learned that when capturing the perfect shot photographers take many things into consideration such as lightening, shooting angles and so on.  When it comes to capturing photos for me I never take into account any of these elements. I try my best to think like a professional, but all the professional elements disappear as soon as I find something that catches my eye, I always get excited when I find something fun and  exciting to capture that there is not even time to think about any professional elements, aaah the joys of being an amateur! I just capture whatever  looks cool without any concept behind it whatsoever.

From what I have learned so far through my amateur photo taking experiences I think that life can be a bit like photography (if you have never done it before or if you are an amateur like me) In a way that we can be too anxious or fearful to step into the unknown, in a place that seems very unfamiliar to us and that puts us out of our comfort zone. We can also become anxious about taking  chances in life. All this fear of  being anxious to step into the unknown could derive from our thoughts about what other people may think about us; thoughts such as “I am not good  enough” or “they will think this and that if I do this and that”, “I’m not smart enough or qualified enough for this… “. We can be too scared to even try, thinking that people will judge us if we fall.

I’ m sure that almost everyone fails at the beginning, but what makes you an overall successor in the end is the fact that you don’t give up. Most of the photos that I take are  horrible anyway but does that mean I should give up or stop trying?… no. Stick with whatever you are doing, don’t give up just because you can’t see the results yet, in fact their shouldn’t be any reason for you to quit halfway because results only come through hard work, patience and time. Don’t give up just because you have failed, keep trying.

Isn’t that what life is about though?, lessons and learning to better ourselves?, and the only way that this can happen is through mistakes and failure as it gives us the chance to learn from our past mistakes and experiences… to learn from them and hopefully not to repeat them again.  When I first began taking my little amateur photos I decided to step into the unknown, I was kind of  reluctantly because I have never thought of photography as a hobby but nevertheless I didn’t allow my inexperienced photo taking skills to stop me from embarking on a new hobby.

I know that stepping into the unknowingness world of  amateur photography is just a pastime and not a  major life changing decision for me, but some of us do miss great possibilities in life by simply not taking a chance or stepping into the unknown.

Get out of your comfort zone and make something happen for YOU, weather it’s signing up for that Saturday morning yoga class you dread or that hobby that you have always wanted to try or… or applying for that new higher position in your workplace. Step into the unknown, you won’t know what you are capable of or what you are most likely to enjoy unless you give it a try.


I’m not a photographer nor do I intend to become one in the near future.

Thanks for reading! 🙂
– Claris


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