A Hope (Part 1)

Christ in me


When you accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of your life you have a HOPE inside of YOU!. This Hope is:

A living Hope

A Hope that is not dead

A redeemable Hope 

A Hope that anchors your soul

A Hope that you can rejoice in

A Hope that will strengthen you

A Hope that you can put your trust in

A Hope that abides with Faith and Love

A Hope that will not be cut off

A Hope that you can be saved by

A Hope that makes you bold

A Hope that produces gentleness and respect

A Hope that will allow you to wait on the Lord with patience, perseverance and endurance

A Hope that is perfect

A Hope that has no fear

A Hope that will never fail YOU!


Thank you so much for reading this, I’m praying for you. Keep an eye out for ‘A Hope (Part 2)’ I will be posting it very soon, but for now I will speak to you soon.

God Bless!.

– Claris


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